Next Level Technologies
The Finger Mouse Design

The compact light weight design creates comfortable sensor  manipulation  
when you  kick your chair back and free yourself from the desktop.      
The ergonomic hand positioning allows the user to execute everyday office  
tasks without any movement restrictions or accidental input.  The open palm
design keeps every  finger tip exposed in order to carry out everyday tasks with
             The future is here and the future is mobile.

The revolution is about to begin in the world
of computer input devices.  The Finger Mouse
is the next generation of mobile input
technology.  Next Level Technologies (NLT) has
patented the next obvious step in the market of
computer input devices.  
The consumer market is driven by options
and the Finger Mouse will provided multiple
options for multiple computer accessory markets.
Industry wide studies have determined the need for ergonomics in the
workplace and NLT has met those needs with the Finger Mouse.  The
navigation sensor and button orientation creates the hands natural resting
position which alleviates carpel tunnel syndrome.  
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Laser pointer option for Presenter design
  • OSHA preferred hand positioning
  • Patented in the US (#7042438)
  • Mobile or office use
The Finger Mouse in the marketplace

Currently NLT is in the developmental phase of the Finger Mouse.  With a vast
amount of available sensors in todays market, we have done extensive industry
research to determine the best type of input sensor for minimal size and weight
as well as easy user functionality.
Please take a look at the next best computer mouse
n YouTube.